Figure 1.  Pretty straightforward.  Simply the average number of training sessions each day by owners.  Pretty consistent overall!



Figure 2:  The total training sessions each day where the dog showed improvement in the skill being taught.  I was a bit surprised as I thought there would be an initial spike of improvement, then back to baseline.  But it’s pretty consistent anyway… around 2 out of 3 sessions, the dog improved.  Awesome!!!!



Figure 3:  I really just wanted a general idea for how easy it was to remember each day.  If you had a hard time remembering, you probably need to adjust triggers!




Figure 4. The average number of total minutes trained by owners.  Some of these numbers are a bit skewed by a few owners who spent 15-20min training.  But look at the improvement with an average of 8-9min per day!



Figure 5.  Percentage of owners who remembered to reward themselves for completing the training each day.  These numbers may not be 100% accurate because the question asked for a yes/no answer for the whole day instead of per 2 minute session.  Some owners answered for each session, for example “ynn”.  As long as the owner remembered one time, I considered it a YES.  But it’s possible that those who answered just “n” for the entire day may have remembered once or twice but thought that should be a “no”.  Convoluted, sorry.  I should have asked the question better.  Anyway, awesome increase!  I think this part is so important