My Encounter with Sit Means Sit Austin

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Here are some notes from my encounter with Sit Means Sit Austin. These notes are purely subjective and how I remember it. I am attempting to be completely honest about how it went down, and I apologize if anyone else saw it differently. I stormed up to the Sit Means Sit booth and there’s no doubt in my mind I … Read More

9 Steps to a Happy Dog & Family “Cheat Sheet” + new website sections


9 Steps to a Happy Dog & FamilyI’ve posted this new two page “cheat sheet” in which I’ve basically distilled the concepts that I think, when implemented, help avoid/curtail dog behavior problems and maximize the strength of the dog/owner relationship. Additionally, the chart includes several suggestions on how to implement most of the steps. I strongly believe that if you … Read More

Fantastic Suzanne Clothier post: “If Only That Hadn’t Happened, This Dog Would Be Fine”


Wonderful post by Suzanne Clothier, somewhat related to my “Power of Choices and Options” post.Most dogs seem to inherently enjoy exploring and interacting with the stimuli provided by natural environments such as hiking trails. Even dogs who are especially prone to disruptions of “basic functioning” as described by Suzanne seem to enjoy these stimuli. I haven’t decided this for them, … Read More

The Power of Options and Choices for Treating Fearful Dogs


I am not sure what function this post will serve… one of these days I’ll write a more thoughtful, organized article about the topic, but this will be more of a freeform rant with bad grammar and poorly constructed sentences. The video above is of Cafe taken Monday, July 1. Cafe is an Austin Pets Alive! dog currently living with … Read More

Excellent Patricia McConnell post: “The Plot Thickens: Spay Neuter Effects & the Health of Our Dogs”


I recently scoured scientific literature looking for evidence that spay/neutering is better for dogs in an attempt to convince a client he should get his very large male dog neutered. I couldn’t find any convincing evidence. Yet, it’s pretty much considered sacrilege for responsible dog people to suggest that their may be benefits to keeping a dog intact. In an … Read More