Private Lessons

We offer Private Lessons at our Behavior Center and in your home or public place.
For all Private Lessons we work with your family and your dog. It is best when all caretakers are present. Please read below to see details and pricing.

Lessons at Our Behavior Center

Private Lessons at our Behavior Center are 60 minutes sessions. We are located at 10010 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX, 78748.

Regular Price:


A Behavior Evaluation is not required prior to the lesson because we will conduct the evaluation during the first lesson if needed.  However, it’s not a bad idea to start with an evaluation so that we can decide whether Private Lessons are a smart route to take. Members of our Day school program receive $30 off.

“Pay Whatever You Can” Program:

We offer “Pay Whatever You Can” pricing for individuals and families who are unable to afford our normal rate and are committed to doing the work needed to help their dog.

A Behavior Evaluation is required at the regular $20 rate to qualify for “Pay Whatever You Can” pricing. If you are unable to pay the $20 fee, please contact us. We may also require that you complete pre-lesson assignments before registering for a Pay Whatever You Can Lesson.

We offer this program so that quality behavior help can be accessed by anyone in the community. Don’t ruin it for others. If you can afford the normal rate, please pay it. If you can’t, please pay what you can afford. That’s the only way we’ll be able to sustain the service.

Please don’t choose us just because we are an option for “cheap training”. Poke around our website and see what we do first. Choose us because you really want to work with us and you are committed to putting the time and energy into following through with the lessons on your own time. This means reading, watching videos, and practicing.

Lessons in your home or in public places

Private Lessons in your home (or location of your choice) are 90 minutes long.

A Behavior Evaluation is not required but is highly recommended so that we can first explore whether an In-Home Private Lesson will be a useful option for your dog.

First Lesson Price:


Followup Lessons:

Followup Lessons booked within one year of the first lesson are discounted $30. Members of our Day School program also receive a $30 discount.

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