Day School

General Day School Info

Day School combines intensive basic training with daycare and is primarily for dogs that have a recent history of interacting with dogs successfully, and need help with basic training or “nuisance” behavior. 

If any of these sound like you:

  • “I want my dog to learn basic skills like ‘Stay’ and ‘Come’.”
  • “I want my dog to stop jumping on people!”
  • “My dog is dragging me down the block on walks!”

then Day School may be a good option.

All Day School Packages consist of School Days and Private Lessons.

School Days: You bring your dog to us twice per week for training and daycare, dropping them off in the mornings and picking up in the evenings.

Private Lessons:  You and your dog come in for a lesson where we help you apply what the dog is learning to your life. 

A Basic Day School Package is $1400. This package includes:

  • 16 School Days (2x per week for 8 weeks)
  • an Evaluation Day
  • a Private Lesson at our location*

* additional Lessons can be purchased for $95 each. In-Home upgrades also available. Ask for details.

How to Enroll:
 The first step to enrolling your dog in Day School is to book an Evaluation Day. The cost of the Evaluation Day will be credited towards your Day School Package, provided your dog is a good fit for the program. If after the Evaluation Day we believe your dog is not a good fit, the fee may be credited towards another recommended package at our discretion. 

Schedule an Evaluation Day!


If your dog has successfully socialized with at least five unfamiliar dogs in the past year, but is inconsistent, a 30 minute Behavior Evaluation is required with you and your dog before signing up for Day School. This is different than an Evaluation Day which is a full day where you drop your dog off. I know the names are similar so it's probably confusing!  

A Behavior Evaluation is also helpful if you aren't sure your dog is a good fit or you'd just like to meet us first!

 Click here to book a 30min Behavior Evaluation!

Trips & Trails Pass Add-Ons: 
A Trips & Trails Pass Add-On may be required or recommended based on your goals or your dog's behavior during the Evaluation Day. 

A Trips & Trails Pass allows us to take your dog on "real world" locations like parks, trails, and dog-friendly stores. These trips add a layer of enrichment and learning that we can't achieve any other way and can be used for all types of things, from learning how to chill out on a patio to preparing for "off-leash" trails. Most importantly, they are super therapeutic - we see big differences when dogs are able to get to work "off campus" regularly. If "off-leash" hiking or taking your dogs to social situations is a goal, a Trips & Trails Pass is a must have.

There are two types of Trips & Trails Passes. The "Package Pass" ($300) is valid for the duration of a single Day School or Boarding School package. The "Lifetime Pass" ($400) is valid for any package you purchase from us in the future - this is a great option if you plan on continued Day School training. 

About School Days

Each day, we give your dog a highly structured routine based on their needs, incorporating a healthy mix of 1) training, 2) play, and 3) rest sessions.

Training Sessions
We work with your dog one on one several times per day in and around our facility. Training sessions vary based on which program your dog is enrolled in (see below), but are always customized to your dog’s needs. When your dog is ready, we visit neighbor businesses such as Lofty Dog pet store and Moontower Saloon for practice sessions in public environments. 

For additional “proofing” of the training, we offer a few add-on services. “Real World” Training Trips to other locations such as Pet Smart, Home Depot, or a location of your choice (within a 15 minute drive) provide your dog with even more practice in busier public places. Tandem Hikes to Mary Moore Searight Park provide opportunities for your dog to really be a dog while safely practicing “off-leash” skills. If able to be done safely, off-leash hikes on designated off-leash trails are some of the most beneficial and rewarding activities that you and your dog can share.

Play Sessions
Play Sessions most often incorporate socialization and play with other carefully selected dogs. We believe in structured play that is highly supervised and managed – playtime shouldn’t be a free-for-all whirlwind of total chaos. We incorporate training and encourage regular breaks, and work hard to ensure they remain responsive to our guidance and signals throughout. Playtime not only provides dogs with a therapeutic release of tension, but also provides an opportunity for your dog to learn things they can’t learn in any other way.

Rest Sessions
In between training and playtime, dogs rest in our climate controlled building. Just like us, dogs need plenty of rest to function well. To keep the indoors restful for your dog and other dogs, we are very serious about keeping stress levels low for the dogs.