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Life Skills Certificate Test Items

The BBF Life Skills Certificate Test consists of 15 items chosen to help you and your dog master challenging social situations.

1. Loose Leash walking. Dog and handler can calmly walk to a location the dog is excited about.

2. Wait at door. Handler can walk through a door and dog will wait until released.

3. Dog to dog approaches. Dog and handler can calmly approach and be approached by another dog and handler.

4. Dog to dog greetings. Dog can politely say hi to another leashed dog and disengage when handler asks.

5. Separation. Dog can remain calm when handler walks away to perform a task.

6. People approaches. Dog and handler can wait calmly when being approached by a person.

7. People handling and greetings. Dog can allow person to pet and inspect body.

8. Disengage from Play Dog can break from playing with another off-leash dog when handler asks.

9. Distracted Recall Dog can reliably leave extreme distractions when called.

10. Go to Place. Handler can send dog to a spot until released.

11. Down-Stay. Dog can remain in a relaxed Down position while handler amidst distractions while handler walks away.

12. Improvised Communication. Handler can guide dog through random obstacles amidst distractions.

13. Loose Leash Walking around dogs. Handler and dog can calmly walk around other dogs.

14. Leave it. Dog can walk past an interesting stimulus and leave it alone when handler asks.

15. Chill out. Handler and dog can relax together while other dogs walk around them.

There are three levels of Certificate that can be achieved based on proficiency. The BBF Life Skills Certificate test is a dog and handler test. Some of the test items are really hard – the dog will need your help to get it right!

Level 1: Dog performs skill correctly. Handler delivers frequent treat rewards.
Level 2: Dog performs skill correctly. Handler delivers treat reward at beginning and/or end of task only.
Level 3: Dog performs skills correctly. Handler delivers no treat rewards and does not have treat rewards on body.

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