Day School

Day School is an immersive training service where you drop your dog off at our Behavior Center twice per week for full days of training and structured playtime with other dogs. The number of dogs that we accept for Day School is limited to 12. This allows us to give each dog plenty of individual attention so that we can make sure they are getting what they need at every moment of their day.

Playgroups are selected based on temperament and play-style, and monitored by trainers who actively reinforce appropriate play at all times. Dogs are taught how to call away from play and settle for breaks.

All Day School Programs include Group Classes on Saturdays, during which we teach you how to implement what the dog has been learning throughout the week.

A Better Best Friend

Life Skills Certificate Program

The skills you and your dog need to master social situations

After several years of working with hundreds of dogs, one thing is very clear – people have the most difficulty managing their dog’s behavior when they are in public, especially when other dogs are around.

So I designed the BBF Life Skills Certificate program to directly address that problem – 15 skills specifically chosen to help you and your dog navigate your way through the most challenging social situations.

The BBF Life Skills Certificate program is for your dog and for you. We teach the dogs during School Days twice a week, and we teach you during Group Classes.

Every quarter, we hold optional testing days for you and your dog to earn A Better Best Friend Life Skills Certificate. Take the test as many times as you want, for up to a year after cancelling your Day School service. There are three levels of certification that can be attained based on proficiency. You can test at any level you choose during any testing day. More details about certification levels will be provided upon enrollment.

Just like we don’t expect two year old children to make the best choices without guidance from their parents we can’t expect young dogs to make the best choices without guidance. Therefore, The Certificate test is a dog and handler test. Some of the test items are really hard – just like many social situations – and the dog will need your help!

Day School Life Skills Certificate Packages

One Month Package ($599)

  • 8 School Days (twice per week, held Mon-Thurs)
  • 4 Group Classes (held Saturdays). After three months of Day School, this converts to a one year pass!
  • $30 discount on Private Lessons

Three Month Package (10% discount)

  • 24 School Days (twice per week, held Mon-Thurs)
  • One Year of Group Classes
  • $30 discount on Private Lessons
  • 10% discount

Any School Days needing to be rescheduled will be added to the end of your package on the regularly scheduled day. Each month of Group Classes can be spread out over a two month period.

BBF Certificate Tests are held quarterly. With any package, you can take the test as many times you’d like for up to year.

After three months of Day School, your dog may be eligible to attend Daycare with our partners and neighbors Howl n’ Woof Dog Daycare and receive additional training through us at a budget-friendly rate.

A Behavior Evaluation or Private Lesson is required before enrolling in Day School services. Click the button below to schedule an evaluation!

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