Training Programs

We offer $20 introductory services for those that would like to get a taster for what we do. Scroll down to see a list!


A comprehensive training program that teaches the essential skills you and your dog need to live a richer, more fulfilling life together.

Offered as a monthly or every three month subscription plan. Can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time.Two School Days per week + Unlimited Group Classes.

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90 Minute lessons in your home. Great for mild to severe behavior problems specific to the home environment, and getting new dogs adjusted to your home.
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First Lesson: $149 per lesson ($199 during “premium” hours)
Followup Lessons: $30 off.

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Standalone Group Classes for adolescent/adult dogs are temporarily on hiatus.

Currently, the only way to attend our Group Classes is through the Day School program. Our Day School has been evolving rapidly with dogs learning real life skills at much more advanced levels, often off-leash. Therefore, we’ve decided that the best way to use group class time is to focus on allowing the owners to practice these advanced skills with their dogs.

Group Classes will be back in a new format, but right now we do not have an estimated date. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Intro Services

Get started with these low-cost standalone options.

Daycare Training

We offer two types of Daycare Training: Day School and Day Rehab. These are our most intensive training programs and usually result in the quickest changes for several behavior problems.

Day School is our standard Daycare Training plan. 95% of dogs fit this category.

Day Rehab is for unique cases that are higher risk or need extra help. We will let you know if Rehab is needed once we receive your information.


You drop off your dog at Howl n’ Woof Dog Daycare in the morning two days per week. We work with your dog on a series of essential on-leash and off-leash life skills, such as calmly approaching other dogs on leash, coming when called, and much more. In between training, your dog socializes and plays with other compatible dogs. You pick up your dog in the late afternoon/early evening. On Saturdays you attend Group Classes with your dog where you practice implementing your dog’s skills and building your own.

I am very particular about Daycare environments and how dogs socialize. Not all Dog Daycares are created equal. I love Howl n’ Woof Daycare because of their commitment to both the physical and behavioral health of their dogs. All play is supervised by kennel technicians who are trained to recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy dog interactions.

Day School and Day Rehab include two days per week (eight per month) at Howl n’ Woof and unlimited Saturday Group Classes. For best results it is important that you attend these Group Classes with your dog.

If you are confident about your dog’s ability to socialize with other dogs and people, you can use the online calendar to book your first day Day School and we will contact you with details.

If you are unsure of your dog’s ability to socialize with other dogs or people, I will first need to evaluate whether they need to be placed in Day School or Day Rehab during a low-cost Behavior Evaluation or a Private Lesson.

Monthly Plans:
Day School – $599 per month
Day Rehab – $899 per month

Three Month Plans:
Save 10% and get unlimited Group Classes for one year when you prepay for three months of Day School.
Three Month Plans are not available for Day Rehab. After each month of Rehab we will reevaluate your dog to see whether he or she can be moved to Day School.

In-Home Private Lessons

Private Lessons are 90 minute training sessions with your family in your home or a location of your choice. Private Lessons are best for problems that are very specific to the home, such as housebreaking, crate training, chewing up stuff, excessive mouthing, etc. Also great way to start if you just got a new dog or puppy.

Private Lessons are also often recommended for the following behavior problems:

  • fearful or “aggressive” behavior
  • barking/lunging at dogs or people
  • separation issues
  • conflicts with family dogs
  • growling, snapping, or biting over food, toys, or any other object

Private Lessons can be very helpful when combined with Group Classes. For example, sometimes dogs who are barking at other dogs on walks can often benefit from working around other dogs in the class environment.

Private Lessons are standalone services.

First Lesson
Regular Hours
(Weekday mornings, early afternoons): $149
Premium Hours (late afternoons, evenings, + weekends): $199

Followup Lessons (within one year):
$30 discount.

There may be an additional fee of up to $20 for locations over 15 miles from 10010 Manchaca Rd (South locations) or 11821 Bittern Holw (North locations). Please contact us with your address to find out if a fee will need to be applied.

Use the online calendar to schedule and pay for private lessons.

If you are unable to find a convenient time on the calendar, you can email me at with three dates/times and I will do my best to accommodate.

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Gathering of the Puppies

Gathering of the Puppies Classes are for puppies under 16 weeks of age and take place at Howl n’ Woof Dog Daycare on most Saturdays. Click below for full details. Gatherings are 60 minutes.

Donation based.

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Behavior Evaluations

A Behavior Evaluation is a low-cost way to get an assessment of your dog’s behavior and your situation. You will leave with a completed PAW sheet detailing my assessment and a recommended training plan, written in pure DeBono chicken-scratch penmanship. You will also receive a folder with helpful articles and information.

Behavior Evaluations are primarily for dogs who are having specific problems such as those related to fear, aggressive behaviors, etc. or for families who just want to meet me before committing to a subscription plan.

Each evaluation is 30 min and takes place at Howl n’ Woof Dog Daycare.

$20. This fee will be credited towards a purchase of any Day School or Day Rehab Plan when booked within 7 days.

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Dog Selection/Family Matching

I will help your family select the right dog for you, whether you are looking for a young puppy or an adult dog, from a rescue or a breeder.

Choosing a dog is a very personal experience and I’ll never try to choose the dog for you. You will simply choose the dog or dogs you are interested in, and I will evaluate and try to identify the characteristics that I think might make dogs less or more likely to be good fits for your family.

I wish more families got help matching!

Dog Selection/Family Matching services are priced hourly. Email me at if you are interested and I will respond with a quote. The more detailed about your situation that you can be the more accurate I can be with your quote.

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