"Peace of Mind" for Fearful or Aggressive Behavior

If your dog is exhibiting fearful behavior or acting aggressively towards humans or other dogs, a Peace of Mind program is most likely for you.

Our Peace of Mind programs aim to overcome dog behavior problems directly and comprehensively, and are personalized to meet your unique situation.


Peace of Mind programs consist of four steps:

  • Step 1) Initial Consult

    We will discuss your situation, observe behavior, & answer your questions. Click Here to Schedule Initial Consult.

  • Step 2) Evaluation Day

    Full day assessment and integration of your dog at our facility to determine best path for your dog.

  • Step 3) Treatment Phase

    Most often an extended Boarding stay, where we work on a program tailored specifically to you and your dog’s needs.

  • Step 4) Aftercare

    We help you implement a program to encourage and maintain long-term success and peace of mind.

Claire is a great example of a dog who came to us extremely fearful of people, other dogs, and unfamiliar environments. By carefully putting her in positions to help her face her fears, she was quickly able to gain more confidence helping her face her fears and find joy in the things she previously found so frightening.  

Step 1: Initial Consult

The first step is to bring your dog to us for an Initial Consult. During this 30 minute session, we will discuss the issues you are experiencing, observe your dog's behavior, and answer any questions you might have.


Step 2: Evaluation Day

If we all decide the Peace of Mind program is a good fit, the next step is to bring your dog in for an Evaluation Day - you drop your dog off for a full day integration into our facility, during which we more thoroughly assess your dog to confirm that our program is a good fit for your needs and goals.

After the Evaluation Day, we suggest between one and three Packages consisting of a Treatment Phase and Aftercare.

Step 3: Treatment Phase

The Treatment Phase is completely customized to you and your dog's needs. Most often, for moderate to severe cases, a minimum of 28 days of Boarding is recommended. But in some cases, we are able to be more flexible. For example have your dog stay with us only on weekdays (so you can take them home on weekends). Sometimes even Daycare could be an option. But we won't know until at least after the Initial Consult. Depending on your situation, we may suggest an In-Home visit before beginning, so that we can understand your situation more precisely.

While your dog is with us, we work with them daily on a program tailored specifically to their needs, progressively increasing their abilities to cope with the situations in which their fearful and/or "aggressive" behavior is manifesting. We send you updates regularly, including photos and videos. As we piece together the puzzle of your dog's behavior, we may ask you for more information about what you are experiencing. This is a collaboration, and the more information we can get from you, the more accurately we can target the problems.


Step 4: Aftercare

At the end of the Treatment Phase, we drop your dog off to your home and immediately work on reintegrating your dog into your life. This begins the Aftercare phase where we give you tools, techniques, tips and advice to do just that in a personalized combination of Private Lessons and Group Classes. Your dog needs to be supported - it's now your responsibility to provide an environment that actively supports your dog's continuing success. Fixing behavior is not like fixing a car - you can't just replace a few parts and make it good as new - behavior is complicated, fluid, and alive. Have you ever tried to "fix" a bad habit? Maybe overeating or procrastinating? It's not easy, is it? And even harder when your spouse keeps leaving donuts on the counter. So take your role here seriously. Your dog is in recovery and needs your help.

Lulu felt highly threatened when dogs got too close to her. By putting her in the right situations with the right dogs, we were able to help bring her inner playfulness out, and now she successfully attends Howl n' Woof Dog Day Care regularly.


Initial Consult: $20

Evaluation Day: $75 (this fee will be applied towards Treatment & Aftercare Package cost) 

Treatment & Aftercare: Because treatment is highly customized to your dog's specific issues, pricing will vary. After the Evaluation Day we will be able to give a better estimate, but expect packages to run between $2000-$4000 for moderate to severe issues. 

For minor issues or dogs that are less than one year old or that have a history of mostly successful social interactions, costs may be less. We will have a much better idea after Initial Consult and/or Evaluation Day.

Payment Plans

We understand that the pricing might be prohibitive for some. Unfortunately it just takes a ton of time to do this stuff right. We are happy to work with you on payment plans to help you meet your budget. 

Cody Scholarships for Shelters & Rescue Organizations

A portion of each Peace of Mind program fee is donated to our Cody's Scholarship Fund. This fund is used to offer scholarships to fearful dogs currently with a rescue or shelter, so they can be given the in-depth, comprehensive treatment they crucially need. If you would like to suggest for a Cody's Scholarship, please contact us.