“Cody Grants” for Day Rehab

Can’t afford Rehab? Complete tasks to earn big Discounts!

Cody Grants are for dogs that we feel would benefit from Day Rehab but whose parents can’t afford the cost. The fund is named after a dog who epitomizes what Day Rehab is all about. Cody came to us with extremely stunted social skills. But he has improved immensely through our Day Rehab. We love Cody a lot and these grants are in his honor!

Step 1. Get Set Up Fee waived (up to $150 Savings)

Write a minimum of 300 words explaining your situation and why you should receive Cody Grants. Once accepted, we’ll waive the set up fee and you’ll be eligible to save on monthly fees by completing tasks. Afraid you’ll be rejected? Use common sense. Do you really need the discounts and are you willing to make a real effort to get them? Then these grants are for you. Be sincere and honest and you’ll be accepted. Cody Grants are part of our mission to help as many people with their dogs as we can without going broke. Please be respectful of that.

If you paid a setup fee for another service, that fee will be credited towards the Rehab setup. The discount will not be applied to that portion – it is only valid for the remainder of the fee.

Step 2. Complete tasks and receive discounts on monthly fees

You will receive these discounts every month that you are subscribed to Day Rehab.

Save $75

Read about the PAW System for Overcoming Dog Behavior Problems. Use the instructions to complete a PAW worksheet – attempt to get the right Perspective and create at least three Action and Will items.

Save up to $75

Save $50 by sending me a video of your dog showing a behavior you would like to change. Save another $25 when you also show what you are currently doing to fix it. By sending me video you are giving me permission to post it on my website/social media and relentlessly mock you (I’m kidding… I’ll be nice). Human faces will be blurred upon request.

Save up to $75

Save $50 by reading my article on Heart Coherence, and send brief answers to the following questions:
1. What is one thing your dog does that upsets you that causes you to respond in a way that is NOT heart coherent?
2. Describe that response.
3. What would be a more heart coherent response?

Get a friend to read the article and answer the same questions, and receive another $25 off.

Cody Scholarships can not be combined with out discounts. We reserve the right to change the rules as we see fit and fair.