For Whom the Blog Tolls


I’ve tried blogging many times before. I never keep it up. I think what prevents me from blogging is this inner feeling that if it’s not written as well as Hemingway and not expressing unique, novel, mind-blowing ideas, then it’s not worth publishing.

And that’s just too much pressure. Week after week I share my perspective on dogs and dog-owner communication to anyone willing to listen, whether they are paying me to or not. My training sessions never end on time (I’m changing that!) because I will go on and on unless stopped. Sometimes I express good ideas in an articulate way, other times I might have an off day and struggle. But I keep doing it because I think I have something to offer.

That’s the attitude I want to take with this blog. I’m going to try and just put my thoughts out there and not worry too much. If I offend some folks and burn some bridges, so be it. I don’t care if other pet businesses won’t refer me because I was critical of them. I’ll probably try not to swear too much. But I’m just not interested in writing a safe little fluffy dog training blog. Though I expect I’ll mostly wind up posting photos of cute puppy dogs.

I think my perspective is fairly unique and my work unlike anything else being done in Austin. I think my group classes are reinventing the way group classes can be. I think the information I provide is generally of a quality standard. Some of the information you might see elsewhere in similar forms. In some cases I’ll give twists to old concepts. And hopefully you’ll sometimes see things you’ve never seen anywhere else. And did I mention I’ll probably be posting cute puppy photos?

Nothing is more entertaining than honesty. I want to entertain you.