Swedish Dog Trainer Runs Experiment using Shock Collars to Train People


Just became aware of this. This is great for the “but I put it on my arm and it doesn’t hurt” crowd. In the first experiment, the trainer first checks people’s reactions to the shock collar at different levels on people’s hands and arms before moving on to the neck.http://www.auf-den-hund-gekommen.net/-/experiment1.html In the second, he attempts to “train” people to do … Read More

Another vicious diatribe against a dog training franchise


Last year, I happened to notice a dog training company called Sit Means Sit popping up everywhere around town. Out of curiosity, I investigated and learned that they were part of a larger franchise. I read into their methods, viewed videos, and researched the process of becoming a Sit Means Sit franchisee. I found myself enraged and published an, er, … Read More

My Encounter with Sit Means Sit Austin

Steve DeBonoBlog

Here are some notes from my encounter with Sit Means Sit Austin. These notes are purely subjective and how I remember it. I am attempting to be completely honest about how it went down, and I apologize if anyone else saw it differently. I stormed up to the Sit Means Sit booth and there’s no doubt in my mind I … Read More

9 Steps to a Happy Dog & Family “Cheat Sheet” + new website sections


9 Steps to a Happy Dog & FamilyI’ve posted this new two page “cheat sheet” in which I’ve basically distilled the concepts that I think, when implemented, help avoid/curtail dog behavior problems and maximize the strength of the dog/owner relationship. Additionally, the chart includes several suggestions on how to implement most of the steps. I strongly believe that if you … Read More

Excellent Patricia McConnell post: “The Plot Thickens: Spay Neuter Effects & the Health of Our Dogs”


I recently scoured scientific literature looking for evidence that spay/neutering is better for dogs in an attempt to convince a client he should get his very large male dog neutered. I couldn’t find any convincing evidence. Yet, it’s pretty much considered sacrilege for responsible dog people to suggest that their may be benefits to keeping a dog intact. In an … Read More