Overcome Behavior Problems using the PAW System

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At some point all of us – dog owners and trainers alike – have experienced the excitement of adding a new dog to our home. Leisurely walks together, afternoons on coffee shop patios, evening snuggles – these were just a few ways we imagined the dog would improve our lives. We knew there might be a few bumps in the … Read More

Dog Training is Exactly Like Ordering a Drink at a Bar

Stevedog behavior

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I’m standing at a bar.  I want to order a round of drinks.  What do I need to do before I order? Get the bartender’s attention! But the bar is busy and other customers are also competing for the bartender’s attention. One is a cute girl.  Another seems to be the bartender’s friend.  I don’t have these advantages.  How can … Read More

You’re Very Nice But Get Away From Me, Weirdo


On Sunday, after an hour of taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of a local farmers market, I felt the unmistakable pang of hunger in my belly. I decided to grab a late lunch at a nearby patio eating spot. Eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses, I was casually strolling the half mile to my intended destination … Read More

Swedish Dog Trainer Runs Experiment using Shock Collars to Train People


Just became aware of this. This is great for the “but I put it on my arm and it doesn’t hurt” crowd. In the first experiment, the trainer first checks people’s reactions to the shock collar at different levels on people’s hands and arms before moving on to the neck.http://www.auf-den-hund-gekommen.net/-/experiment1.html In the second, he attempts to “train” people to do … Read More