9 Steps to a Happy Dog & Family “Cheat Sheet” + new website sections


9 Steps to a Happy Dog & Family
I’ve posted this new two page “cheat sheet” in which I’ve basically distilled the concepts that I think, when implemented, help avoid/curtail dog behavior problems and maximize the strength of the dog/owner relationship. Additionally, the chart includes several suggestions on how to implement most of the steps. I strongly believe that if you make a conscious effort to implement these concepts with your own dogs, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Click here to Download and share if you find it useful!

New “Articles” page on stevedebono.com
Just a place where you can Download/View/Print my articles in convenient .pdf format

New “Fearful Dogs Resource” on stevedebono.com
I am beginning to gather the resources I find most valuable for fearful/anxious dog information, and collecting them here.

That’s all for now!